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Sunshine news
Happy Spring Festival to you our dear friends~

March 30,2016.

Sunshine Company here bring our Sincere blessings to you during the Chinese New Year Spring Festival. We are very cheerful to share with you the happiness of the festival while grateful to you for our company's long-term help and support.


For Chinese,Spring Festival is not just a holiday, but also an important carrier of the Chinese people's emotional release, psychological demands to meet the annual carnival of the Chinese nation and the spirit of the pillar forever.


Of course, during  the Spring Festival, we enjoy the reunion with our family but also we will always pay attention to your needs, if there is any demand you need, please do not hesitate to come to us.We sincerely hope to serve you.


Finally,we are glad to inform you that our Chinese New Year holiday from 2016.02.06th  to  2016.02.15th. Thanks for your kindly understanding .May the Chinese New Year bring you joy, love and peace.


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