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Sunshine news
Sunshine and other companies team party time.

June 26,2019.

One month's in the annual Hundred Regiments(One hundred companies PK) is coming to be end, so we organized a party at the end.

Sunshine nonwoven fabric co.,ltd participated in the annual Hundred Regiments(One hundred companies PK),We made a lot of friends. Not only learned a lot of knowledge, but also recognized that we need to continue efforts to improve aspects.

In this gathering, we laughed and played together.Strive hard for the goal.

In the party games, we won the first place.

We have dinner together.It's a beautiful day.

Thank you very much for your support during Alibaba's 100 Regiments War this month. June is coming to an end, but the future is still moving forward, so that our friends and customers who have always supported us can win-win together--Sunshine

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