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Sunshine colorful Opp Laminated nonwoven fabric

April 30,2019.

Colorful OPP laminated Nonwoven fabric is non-woven main product produced by our sunshine company.

All along, there has been a very good market.Next, I will introduce this product to you.

1) Compound material

OPP Laminated non-woven fabrics can be divided into matte and bright film by superimposing three materials at one time, including polypropylene and polyester and PE. The matte type looks similar to grinding, and the bright film is brighter and its pulling force is better than ordinary non-woven fabrics, especially in bagging, which is popular with customers.


2)Application of Colorful OPP Laminated nonwoven fabric

Colorful OPP Laminated non-woven fabrics have many uses.

First of all, Laminated can be used to make bags. The bags made by laminated not only have the properties of ordinary non-woven fabrics, but also have the effects that ordinary non-woven fabrics can not achieve. Its pulling force is better than ordinary non-woven fabrics,Its color is more bright, full of luster, brightness to the extent that ordinary non-woven fabrics can not achieve,and is more popular with consumers.Secondly, in terms of packaging, if it is used in gift packaging, beautiful, fashion.In addtion,Embossed is also very popular in flower packaging and gift packaging.Finally, Laminated can also be used as tablecloth and furniture decoration.

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