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Sunshine news
Sunshine Participates in Alibaba-One hundred companies PK Sales War

June 6,2019.

Hello all friends,do you know Alibaba? 

Yes, this is a company that promotes the development of the global economy. 

Under the organization of Alibaba company,

Sunshine nonwoven fabric co.,ltd participated in the annual Hundred Regiments(One hundred companies PK),

which is a tense and exciting game for us, not only to test our team Cooperation ability, but also let us break through ourselves and surpass ourselves. 


First of all, this activity lets each team know each other through some small games,

and constantly inspires everyone's confidence and determination.


Through this activity, we can better learn what we do not do well, learn from other companies, 

the main purpose is to make the company develop better, 

and train the professional and negotiation skills of salesmen.



The leaders of various companies come to our company to express

their high appreciation for our company and our company culture and strength,

which is also a kind of affirmation for our company. 

In June, we will go all out. Hope that all friends will support us for order from alibaba,

we will give you the best service,best price, and best quality.

If you have order,hope support us,we will do best for you!!


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